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Hello Mighty People of the Most High and Magnificent God!

I'm Heather Ann Miller and I've come to bring you a word straight out of the Word of God. One thing that the Lord has put on my heart is to encourage God's people in an hour that is dark and bleak. As a woman who has suffered through many trials myself, including childhood traumas, abuse, and the loss of a brother and a husband, I am someone who can relate to the hardships of God's people and what they face.

The Lord God put it on my heart last year to start this podcast in January 2020. I knew that I had to step out and have faith and courage. When God calls us to do a thing, we have to do what He says despite our personal emotions. I am here to encourage you to do the same in an hour where everyone is turning away from the goodness of God.

My heart is to bring the POWER and the LOVE in unison to my podcast because God is a God of POWER and LOVE! These two can never be separated when ministering the word to God's people! I pray that you are blessed, well, prosperous, strengthened and encouraged, and that you stand strong in your faith in every way.

Despite everything that is going on in this world, I pray that you are able to overcome the enemy with the word of your testimony and the blood of the lamb! Despite the evils going on around us daily, I pray that you do not let Satan rob you of your joy, and that you have lovely days ANYWAYS...

As my dedicated listeners, you are always welcome to reach out to me anytime with prayer requests at mylipsshallproclaim@gmail.com

To request a speaking engagement, please feel free to text me directly at 979-393-1882